About us


Welcome to Gopows.com, a webstore specialized in smartphones and accessories. At Gopows, our mission is to give “refurbished” a brand new image by proposing quality products, at a competitive price while providing a premium purchase experience.

Our Team

Based in Hong Kong, our dynamic team has over 10 years experience in the consumer electronics trading industry.

Always looking for the best deals and upcoming trends, we have decided to share it via Gopows.com.

Our products

All our products come from thoroughly selected suppliers.

Our smartphones are tested by our in-house technicians to ensure that you get a fully functioning device. We rate our items from Grade A to D depending on the usage level and cosmetic condition.

Our accessories are designed in our Hong Kong headquarters and produced in China by our entrusted partners.

We also make sure to bring you a wide selection of original and fun items that are normally difficult to find.

Our values

At Gopows.com we strive to bring you the best quality for your money.

We never compromise on quality and conduct punctual tests of our suppliers to ensure that our standards are maintained.